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March 12 2022

Q: Going back to dragons! A lot of readers of European heritage might be imagining the sort of dragons common in European folklore when reading your stories. But as an Asian American, do you draw any inspiration from Chinese or pan Asian dragons?

A: Absolutely. All of those stories about dragons I read when I was younger mostly involved Chinese dragons, which are revered for being wise, noble, and a sign of good fortune. This is not to say that European folklore dragons can’t be wise or signs of good fortune, but quite a few of those stories have dragons as the villain, even if only a misunderstood one. And, of course, Chinese dragons are associated with rain and rivers, while most European dragons breathe fire.

So when I think about dragons and include them in my stories, very often I find myself drawing upon the stories of my childhood: my dragons bring good luck and fortune, and they are creatures to be honored and revered.

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