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Autumn '23

Existing in the threshold.

Max Turner – Publisher

Rhiannon Wood – Editor in Chief

Dr. Sarah Boyd – Editor
Leonie Natascha - Publishing Assistant

Cover Image by Samantha McLaren
Cover Design – A Coup of Owls

Samantha McLaren is a queer Scottish writer and artist living in NYC. A confirmed ghost story and horror film addict, she is inspired by the beauty that lies in the macabre. Samantha can be found on most platforms @themeatispeople and on her website,, where she writes and paints about horror movies.

A Coup of Owls: Autumn 2023 (issue 11)

Published by A Coup of Owls Press

September 2023


Rhiannon Wood - Editor in Chief

by Corinne Pollard

People queue, waiting for a treat every year, waiting for their skull.

by Tucker Struyk

An award-winning author is tasked with writing a tell-all novel about his life.

by Michael Staniforth

Sarah's body is disappearing, even though she can see it perfectly well, and no one will believe her, not even when the rats come nibbling at her toes.

Like Father Like Children
by You Lin

There are four of us: formless, nameless, lifeless. We are nothing; we are everything. We are restless; we are dead.

Smoke and Honey
By Ende Mac

A guardian angel reflects on humanity—and love—at a hospital bedside.

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