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By Corinne Pollard

Content Warnings: Body horror.

Every year, they queue outside, waiting for their treat. They disguise themselves. It is a wonder what make-up and costumes can achieve.

‘May I have my skull?’


I smile at the outstretched phalanges. His voice holds a note of worry. But I’m no monster. ‘Here you go, sonny.’ 


The magical skull plops into his cupped metacarpals, and with no hesitation, he rips his mask and cranium off to attach it. It’s stiff at first, then he grins with plumped lips and stretches his newborn neck, popping bones. 


He wears his skin for one night, until I see him next year. 

Corinne Pollard: Corinne Pollard is a disabled UK horror and fantasy writer, published with Sirens Call, Black Hare Press, Three Cousins Publishing, Trembling with Fear, The Stygian Lepus, A Coup of Owls, and Raven Tale Publishing. Also, Corinne is co-editor for the Yorkshire anthology Aire Reflections with her dark stories and poetry inside. With a degree in English Lit and Creative Writing, Corinne has always enjoyed the world of dark fantasy. Aside from writing, Corinne enjoys metal music, visiting graveyards, and shopping for books to read. Follow her dark world on Twitter, Threads and Instagram: @CorinnePWriter

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